Experiencias únicas en Míkonos

Experiencias únicas en Míkonos

Reserva actividades inolvidables que la gente de la zona ofrece en Airbnb.

Actividades cerca de las principales atracciones

Nammos MykonosRecomendado por 110 habitantes locales
Ornos BeachRecomendado por 65 habitantes locales
Mykonos International AirportRecomendado por 42 habitantes locales
Branco MykonosRecomendado por 8 habitantes locales
Local MykonosRecomendado por 7 habitantes locales
Cavo Tagoo MykonosRecomendado por 4 habitantes locales

Todas las actividades cerca de Míkonos

Crucero en catamarán con comida tradicional y traslados
Start your Mykonos sailing day cruise. Meet your professional skipper and crew and set sail to explore the Myconian beauty on one of the best Mykonos cruises in Greece. Sail past unspoiled coastlines and dive into their charms. Enjoy the light breeze while the luxurious catamaran cuts through the waves of the Aegean and snap photos of the diverse white and blue landscape you leave behind. Pamper yourself with the unlimited Mykonos traditional wine served on the vessel for an ultimate Mykonos sailing experience. Reach Baos, a remote and isolated island in Mykonos, rumored to have been a pirate island. Pass by Delos and ancient settlement of major mythological, historical and archaeological importance for Greece. Continue your journey to approach Rhenia Island, a quiet, virgin location ideal for a revitalizing swim stop. Swim and snorkel as a delicious fresh meal is served on board. Sail back to Mykonos while you pass by from the famous little venice. Cherish a memorable Mykonos sailing day cruise .
Visita una cervecería artesana de Mikonos
Join us on a 45 min adventure inside the cave of the brewing Giants. You will learn how we convert natural ingredients to delicious brews, be told the myths surrounding Mykonos and all whilst sipping on 5 of our small-batch beers. If you’re still standing, get your hands on some tasty, limited-edition Mikonu beers available only in our brewery!
Tour rural en Miconos y cata de vinos
Visiting the beautiful Greek wineries is a wonderful experience and a dream come true for most of us. If you really want to enjoy the local amenities and locations, as well as some great wine, all you have to do is to enroll in our tour. We will explore our local winery and we will make it easy for you to see where the Greek wine comes from and you can even check it out and enjoy it on your own. It’s a very distinctive experience and one that will push the boundaries, delivering some resounding benefits and results every time. The commitment is to value and quality, and you will be heavily impressed with the results and the entire process in a professional way. Our tour is taking 2 hours, it will guide you through the olive grove and then it will bring you at the vineyards. Here you get to see exactly how wine is made and you get to enjoy and cherish it in a way that’s very different and fun all the time. It’s a very nice idea to be able to see the old school, historical locations and the type of activities that people have been doing for millennia with little to no changes. It’s really exciting and a great way to gain an insight into the old days. Once that is done, you will go outside with the group and you will stay together for a little bit. You get to enjoy some very tasty mykonian appetizers and you get to listen to some traditional music.
Aventura en kayak con guías locales expertos en naturaleza
Join two pro local sea kayakers on an exhilarating and safe exploration of the mykonos wild North coast line. Meet us on a beautiful beach in the bay of Panormos were we will set you up with all the necessary equipment to join us out on the water. After a short lesson on sea kayaking basics we will paddle into a sheltered bay to get a feel for our kayaks. Then we will head out into the beautiful Aegean sea and explore wonderful rock formations, wild coastline and the pristine beaches of the wild North of Mykonos! (Exact starting location will be send to you the evening before as t its weather dependent, its all in the same area of Panormos beach or Agios Sostis beach)
¡Tu fotógrafo personal en Miconos!
IG: psyllas_photography Have you ever visited a place that made you feel excited and overwhelmed just by walking its streets? For me that place is Mykonos. Eight years ago when I visited Mykonos for the first time, I knew that this place is gonna be my home for the rest of my life. The magical sunrises and sunsets, the white-washed streets and white houses with colorful windows and doors making you feel like you are a part of a fairytale. Let me be your own personal photographer and capture your Mykonos fairytale from a fashionalbe perspective and a fun experience to take home as a souvenir to be remembered forever! FAQ “You only do 6:30am in the morning?” No, I can do the photo tour at anytime feels better for you but I am highly recommending early morning for 2 reasons, first lighting is superior than any other time of the day and secondly the earlier we do the photo tour less people would be at the streets. "How many people will be in the experience?" There are only 2 available spots to be booked for every experience. The pricing is per person so if you are two you have to book for two persons. If you are coming alone you will be probably sharing the time with one more individual. If you are more than 2 book as a private group, and if you are coming alone, and you don't wanna share the time with someone else book for two. “Can I bring extra outfits?” Yes you can.
Crucero semiprivado de 5 horas en un catamarán de lujo nuevo
Cruise with Nostos Mykonos Yachts in sophisticated chic style and discover the gorgeous waters of the nearby islets of Rhenia & Delos (without a Delos stop), or the famous southern coast of Mykonos. Our luxurious brand-new sailing catamarans, "Aerial" and "White Coral", exceed all expectations with their smooth cruising, ample spaciousness and state-of-the-art design. Their spectacular walk-around layout, large sun-beds and lounge areas, will make your cruise a truly unique experience. Please note, the itinerary is subject to weather and might be adjusted to ensure safe cruising of passengers. This semi-private (shared) cruise is subject to participation and operates with 25 guests maximum capacity. Important Note: How To Request For Your Transfer Service (Please Read) All cruises offered by Nostos Mykonos Yachts include the chance for a complementary free transfer service from and to your accommodation/port in Mykonos (before and after the cruise). This service is offered in partnership with a professionally-licensed transfer company. - If you are interested in booking this service, please provide your accommodation/port details up to 24 hours before the cruise start time at the latest. - If you book your cruise or if you provide your accommodation/port details in less than 24 hours before the cruise start time, you will need to make your own transportation arrangements.
Descubre Miconos con un lugareño
Enjoy having a walk at Chore, the town of Mykonos island, I will tell you stories about the Windmills, the Little Venice and the Paraportiani Church and take pictures of you!!! I will show you the hidden jems of the town and the other village of Mykonos, Ano Mera, including the amazing Monastery of Paraportiani and we will swim at a very nice natural beach even few mykoninians know about it....
Mykonos flying dress photoshoot
Good morning greeting with my guests in my centrally located studio which is our meeting point near the locations we will be photographing .We will go to the best vantage points to capture stunning images of mykonos town the scenic streets the blue doors church domes amazing panoramic shots from different levels .Flying dress to choose from .A editorial approach to the flying dress more classy and artistic not just blowing and photoshopped like a piece of material hanging unnaturally in the wind .Obviously some nice aerial shots but more in sync with you in surroundings caturing your vibe and electricity in mykonos a fun and memorable photoshoot with an experienced local photographer of 18 years
Mykonos Old Town Historic and Cultural Walking Tour
Explore the capital/main Town of Mykonos Island with a local guide on a walking tour of Mykonos town locally known as “Chora”, where you’ll stop at a series of monuments, museum and shops. Included visits to the Windmills and Aegean Maritime museum are a fascinating glimpse of Mykonian History. You ‘ll discover a long list of Mykonos Town highlights that you can return to throughout your time in Mykonos, from shopping stops to local restaurants. Archaeological Museum of Mykonos, Pres du quai central, Mykonos Town Greece, 10 minutes Manto Mavrogenous Square, Serakonta, Mykonos Town 846 00 Greece, 10 minutes Agia Anna Church, Mykonos Town 846 00 Greece, 10 minutes Lena's House, Tria Pigadia, Mykonos Town Greece, 10 minutes The Windmills (Kato Milli), Alefkadras, Mykonos Town 846 00 Greece, 20 minutes Little Venice, Mitropoleos Georgouli, Mykonos Town Greece, 15 minutes Church of Paraportiani, Kastro-Paralia, Mykonos Town 846 00 Greece, 10 minute
Private Chef Pavlos sharing Mykonos Local Cuisine
Enjoy your very own private chef experience at your place! Take advantage of our group discounts! 10% OFF — groups from 4 to 5 guests 15% OFF — groups of +6 guests Learn the secrets hidden within each dish, and enjoy a delicious multi-course meal. Get ready to discover the taste of Mykonos without leaving your own dining room! “A meal always tastes better when shared with friends and loved ones” This is my moto and I have always tried to implement it in my restaurant life and as a private chef. Feel free to put your apron on and cook some of the dishes with me! I am eager to share with you the secrets behind my recipes and Mykono's local hidden treasures. Not in the mood? Well then lay down, relax, enjoy a few appetizers and allow me and my team to take care of you. Eat, share, drink, laugh, and explore Mykonos' dining scene from your own table. Oh and don’t worry about tidying up, everything will be left spotless for you to continue to enjoy! My menus are an exploration of Greek's native cuisine, with an innovative touch! To have a closer look at my menus, send me a direct message and I will send them your way! Please note that to book an experience there is a minimum of 2 guests required.
Sesión de fotos profesional de tus vacaciones en Miconos
Instagram: @couvanos Whether you want a photo session with your partner, family, friends or just alone prepare to pose and ’shine’, you'll have great photos to share in your social media that will look amazing and you will keep this unique photo experience with your beloved ones forever! The photoshooting is ideal for vacation, anniversary, family, pre wedding and save the date photography. Groups are private and the price is per/guest. Do not hessitate to text me if you've got any questions either here or on my insta: @couvanos Will provide you ALL the Photos (more than 600 photos) of the shooting in resolution ideal fro your social media after light edit in lightroom at the SAME DAY and five retouched pics in high res of your choice. I will upload them on an online gallery or I can send them through wetransfer. You can always ask me to help you with your Tik-Tok videos with your phone. No limit of people if you are a group coming together (message me to open more spaces) If the time is not available drop me a message. LGTB Friendly. In case of a proposal drop me a message. Portfolio: http://thomas-photographer.com Gratuities accepted! Other things to note Please be on time at the meeting point, MAX delay 15 min. If arranged time is not suitable, please get in touch to re-arrange as early as possible. More than 15min delay will be considered as NO SHOW.
Aventura privada de snorkel con fotografía submarina
A private snorkelling adventure in the protected Natura 2000 zone if mykonos. Posidonia seaweed meadows, the lungs of the sea cover most of the bay of Panormos making it a pristine agean sea habitat for many different kinds of fish , plants and crustaceans. Join a local professional snorkeling instructor who will show you the best of Panormos beach while also getting some great underwater pictures of you and your group with a go pro camera.
Mykonos town photo tour, making unforgettable memories
THE ULTIMATE SOUVENIR instagram: @paloukis ​Tailor made affordable town tour photo shoots by a professional photographer. Discover Mykonos town, experience how the locals live and be photographed in front of the most iconic landmarks of Mykonos (Little Venice, Paraportiani Church, Windmills). What we’ll do We will meet in Mykonos town and chat to get to know each other better. I will tell you about the experience you are about to have and together with you we will find the way how to turn it into an unforgettable event tailored to your taste. As a local I will make a combination to take you to the most iconic spots of Mykonos town and the best-hidden spots, and provide you with images that will impress your friends and followers. You will also receive some reality facts about the island, tips for the nice beaches, small cafes and leisure. All you have to do is be easy, strike a pose and I will do the work for you to catch your perfect angle in a perfect backdrop. Everybody is welcome from solo travellers to small groups. Ideal for instagrammers, influencers and models. Suitable for fashion editorials, wedding sessions, secret proposals / engagements, honeymooners, hen / bachelorette parties, and family portraits.
Olivos y olivas de Naxos
We will begin with an introduction to organic olive farming , focusing on cultivation methods which result in healthy trees and top quality olive oil. You will learn to identify some of the varieties of olive tree, and will acquire basic (or more advanced if you are interested) knowledge of growing olives. We will give you a briefing on the exciting, ongoing research on the health giving properties of excellent olive oil and you will learn about the role of oleocanthal in promoting good health. We will show you round the farm and then if you wish you can participate in watering, pruning, repairing stone terraces, mending olive nets or picking olives (the harvest is from October onwards). Finally you will enjoy a well deserved tasting session, with our own delicious olive oil and different accompaniments. Other things to note We are happy to tailor your experience to whatever aspect of olive growing you are most interested in and can adapt the activities to all levels of fitness.
Фототур по самым красивым местам Миконоса
Люди делятся на два типа: одним нужно отчитаться перед мамой, вторым — перед подписчиками в Instagram. А идеальные кадры нужны всем, поэтому предлагаю прогуляться по белоснежным улочкам Хоры, зацепить лучшие инсталокации, я подскажу, как передать шарм острова через stories. Чтобы совместить приятное с полезным, этот фототур вписан в экскурсию. В общем, будем не только бесконечно позировать, но и разбираться в культуре острова :) Результат: и историю Миконоса знаете, и фото в цветокоррекции с ретушью можно постить.
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