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Bubble Life and vineyards
Bubble Life and vineyards
  • Bubble Life and vineyards
  • A clear sky at Campera
  • Bubble skyline
  • Enjoy the view, and a calm walk through the vineyards. Depending on the season, the vineyards are asleep in winter, waking up in spring or in full bloom during summer.
  • Not your ordinary bubble shower, Glamping comes with hot water.
  • For your convenience, the essentials included
  • In-bubble bathroom in all Bubble Suites
  • In-Bubble Coffee Maker available in every bubble. We got you covered, for all coffee and tea lovers.
  • In bubble-honesty bar, with great snacks, beverage and local wine. Pay in cash $
  • Chill at our lounge area
  • Queen bed, with comfy and clean bedding, AC and heater, and color lighting. A cabana type bed to protect you from sunlight so you can enjoy the morning or enjoy your privacy.
  • Lighting Control, depending on your mood choose the color of your bubble.
  • Pathway to the Bubble at night
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Bubble Life and vineyards