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Craft Beer Tasting

Experiencia: comida y bebida
Anfitrión: Cas
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1 comida, Refrigerios y Bebidas.
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Acerca de Cas, el anfitrión
We're Toño and Cas, your local hosts! Analytical and detail oriented with years of experience in the beer industry and a passion for customer service Toño is somewhat of a human Wikipedia when it comes to craft beers. A globetrotter at heart and happiest when interacting with fellow travelers, I´ve had a front row seat to my family´s craft beer business and love sharing the story.
Qué haremos
Come sip local while Toño, our local beer connoisseur, let´s you in on how Minerva Craft Beer came to be, why the owners are so passionate about their brew, what the fermentation process is like, exactly what you need to do in order for your taste buds to get the most out of every sip and, of course, we´ll get to down a few glasses of cold beer while comparing notes on your personal favorite.
Qué incluiré
Chicken wings! 󴀁
4 glasses of beer/375 ml 󲀃
Bottle of water 󴀁
You can bring a notepad to take notes if you like, but most important of all is come curious and come thirsty. Pictures encouraged.
Dónde estaremos
We'll be in El Depósito, a tavern like bar that's lined wall to wall with beers from all over the world and is frequented by laid back locals and fellow travelers. Depósito is conveniently located in La Roma district, one of the trendiest hoods in the city with amazing Mexican eats and drinks.
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Dal anfitrión
Though snacks are provided, I don't recommend you come on an empty stomach.
Esta experiencia incluye alcohol. Solo se servirán bebidas alcohólicas a los huéspedes que tengan edad legal para beber.
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Pueden asistir personas que tengan 18 años o más.
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